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Lifestream Organic Vitamin C Acerola powder 60g

Lifestream Organic Vitamin C Acerola powder 60g

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Lifestream Certified Organic Vitamin C Acerola powder is made from certified organic acerola berries. Natural food-state vitamins are easily recognised by the body and are therefore more readily absorbed and utilised, providing greater benefit to the body than synthetically made vitamins such as ascorbic acid vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is not stored in the body; therefore, it is required on a daily basis from the foods we eat or from supplementation. During times of stress greater amounts of vitamin C are required.

Vitamin C maintains healthy skin, good immunity, free radical damage prevention and general wellbeing.


Acerola berry (Malpighia glabra).
Also contains: Organic Manioc Maltodextrin.
No added dairy, soy, gluten or wheat.

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