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Children's Vira Guard 150ml

Children's Vira Guard 150ml

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Harker Herbals Children's Vira Guard naturally helps to support better immune response. Useful for use at the first signs of common immune threats, or as a preventative, helping to boost the immune system to reduce the effects of pathogenic attacks. Helps in drying out excess mucus.

Includes elderberry and olive leaf, which has been shown in clinical research to support recovery from common colds and flus.

Natural wild-berry flavour. Free from gluten, dairy, nuts, honey, alcohol and preservatives. Vegan-friendly.

Use as directed on product label.



Active ingredients
Each 5ml dose contains:

ELDERBERRY extract 1720.48mg
ECHINACEA root 760mg
OLIVE extract 657mg
In a base of chicory root fibre, vegetable glycerine, natural flavours, citric acid and water.

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