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Active Elements 5.1

Active Elements 5.1

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Mineral therapy. As may be indicated after completing a free online Active Elements Assessment.

    Does not contain lactose, gluten, yeast, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring or preservatives. Suitable for vegans.


    Contains homoeopathic preparations of: Magnesium phosphate pentahydrate 6X (5 micrograms) Ferrous phosphate octahydrate 6X (5 micrograms) Potassium chloride 6X (5 micrograms) Sodium sulfate 6X (5 micrograms) Sodium chloride 6X (5 micrograms)
    Contains non-homoeopathic preparations of: Magnesium phosphate pentahydrate 100 mg (equiv. to elemental magnesium 20.66 mg) Iron phosphate 12 mg (equiv. to elemental iron 4 mg) Sodium sulfate 200mg (equiv. to elemental sodium 64.74 mg)

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