Allergenics Testing Service

Dig deeper into the root of your health problem with non-invasive hair testing. Discover the food sensitivities or intolerances that may be causing or exacerbating your health issues. Gain insight into the nutrient levels of your body to guide your nutritional supplementation needs. Learn more about what might be affecting your mood and sleep. Obtain an analysis specific to women's health or men's health, regarding hormone balance, organ function and gender specific nutrients. Ascertain your heavy metal and environmental toxin levels.

Learning more about your own body is a valuable tool for improving your health.

Available test options:

  • Food and Environmental Sensitivity Test
  • Optimum Nutrition Test
  • Comprehensive Women's Health Test
  • Comprehensive Men's Health Test
  • Sleep and Mood Test
  • Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Test

This testing service is simple to do and non-invasive. All that is needed is a 1/2 teaspoon amount of hair taken from the back of the head close to the scalp, or if that is not possible, leg, arm, armpit, or pubic hair, or a bucal swab of the inside of both cheeks, or unpolished nail clippings can also be used for testing purposes. If you have dyed hair and are wanting to do a Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Test you will need to obtain non-dyed hair from another part of the body. 

Test Pricing: (multiple tests can be purchased at a discounted rate)

  • 1 test      $129
  • 2 tests    $224.46   Save 13%
  • 3 tests    $325.08   Save 16%
  • 4 tests    $412.80   Save 20%
  • 5 tests    $483.75   Save 25%

To order a test simply contact Power of Nature stating the test/s you would like to purchase, and you will then be invoiced for the test/s and provided with instructions on sending your testing sample. Once your test has been completed you will be emailed your report.