The Table Concept of Wellbeing

The Table Concept of Wellbeing

You may be wondering what a table has to do with well-being. Quite a lot actually. Understanding the fundamentals of good health can be as simple as knowing the fundamentals of a good, sturdy, functionable table.

Talking wholistically, there are four aspects to a human being - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. These four aspects can be likened to the four legs of a table.

For a person to be completely well it is necessary for all four aspects (four legs of the table) to be balanced, strong, and functioning optimally. Each aspect has an effect on the other aspects, therefore if one aspect of your being is out of kilter or neglected, it effects your health as a whole, and creates imbalances which inevitably lead to sickness and disease. Just as a table with a broken leg is unsteady, putting extra strain on the other legs; with two broken legs it becomes highly unstable; and with three broken legs, totally unfunctional with collapse being inevitable.

Therefore, to be a healthy, optimally functioning person it is important to ensure that all aspects of your being are attended to, not just the physical aspect; in the same way that if you were wanting to make a good strong table, you would not just ensure it has one good leg, you would make sure that it has all four legs in place and that each of them are good and strong, creating a totally functionable, well-balanced table.

Good health is exactly the same. Maintaining well-balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health creates total wellbeing.

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