Super Simple Spring Clean Detox

Super Simple Spring Clean Detox

Spring is a time when you're more likely to feel motivated to not only clean your house or garden up, but your health too. It can be as simple as eliminating sugar, alcohol, coffee, trans fats, and processed/refined/packaged foods from your diet.

Think along the lines of eating foods that are in their natural unadulterated state - vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains - preferably organic to reduce your intake of toxins. Choose a variety of fresh healthy foods of all colours so that you can be assured you're getting a wide range of nutrients. And drink plenty of water in between meals.

Using foods, herbs and spices that support liver function, to assist with detoxification during your spring clean, can also be beneficial - broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, beetroot, grapefruit, legumes, garlic, onions, reishi mushrooms, turmeric, cabbage/broccoli/ alfalfa sprouts, cold-pressed oils, milk thistle and dandelion.

Enhance your spring clean further by doing daily meditation and yoga, and also consider a deeper body cleanse using detoxification aids

When you feel good within yourself, life is that much more enjoyable! Spring into summer feeling good!

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