Circadian Rhythm Alignment for Wellbeing

Circadian Rhythm Alignment for Wellbeing

Circadian rhythm is the pattern of the earth's cycles which dictates the cycles and rhythms within living organisms. 

We are strongly influenced by our external environment because we are not separate from everything else that exists. Because of the natural ebb and flow of these cycles, our bodies also naturally follow cycles e.g. active during the day, rest during the night. This is often referred to as our "body clock". If we listen to our bodies and attune ourselves to nature, we effortlessly flow with these natural rhythm patterns which helps us to remain balanced. Within this rhythm of life there is a time for everything, including detoxification and rejuvenation, which is why on some days there is a slump in energy and mood as the body needs to rest and detoxify, and other days energy levels are high and there is a feeling that the body has replenished itself.

By living our lives in accordance with circadian rhythm we are living in alignment with nature. This allows the body to smoothly and effortlessly function at its optimum level. If we do not allow ourselves to align with circadian rhythm, imbalances will occur which can manifest into health problems. You only need to miss a night's sleep to experience the effect of this - it throws you right out of kilter.

So, forming regular, healthy patterns is a fundamental aspect of maintaining vitality and wellness. Not only sleeping/waking patterns, but also eating meals at the same regular times of the day and evacuating the bowels at a similar time each morning.

Our bodies love regular patterns that are in sync with the rhythms of nature.

The closer we align ourselves with nature, the more we thrive.

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