Are the Vitamins You're Taking Really Doing You Any Good?

Are the Vitamins You're Taking Really Doing You Any Good?

When it comes to man-made... not all things are created equal.

This is very much the case when it comes to health supplements.

Many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market are synthetic, that is, they are made via laboratory processes which often use chemicals to isolate, extract, or transform a substance. And then the substance may be combined with questionable or toxic binders and fillers.

Take for example your average budget vitamin C that contains ascorbic acid as its vitamin C component. Ascorbic acid is a very synthetic form of vitamin C. It is generally made from corn syrup that is converted into ascorbic acid via numerous laboratory processes. This is a very poor resemblance of natural vitamin C which is found in fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

Natural, food-state supplements, on the other hand, contain vitamins, minerals, active constituents and co-factors that are in their natural form, as they are in the natural, whole foods we eat. Co-factors are required for proper assimilation of nutrients. Food-state nutrients have biomarkers that are easily recognised by the body; therefore, the body absorbs and utilises them more readily.

So, although you are likely to have to pay more for good quality, natural, food-state supplements, at least you know that you are actually getting more nutritive value from them, without the toxic tag-alongs, as opposed to synthetic supplements. 

So just remember, when you think you're getting a great deal buying bulk budget vitamins, you just may be doing your health more harm than good.

This is why Power of Nature chooses to provide natural food-state vitamin supplements for better health outcomes, because we genuinely want you to have what's best for you... it's that simple.

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