What is Your Tongue Telling You?

What is Your Tongue Telling You?

Have you ever checked out your tongue in the mirror? Well, you might just want to because your tongue can tell you more about your health than you may realise.

The following are some common tongue signs and their possible corresponding health indications:

Red tip and edges - B vitamin deficiency

Yellow / brown coating - liver congestion and toxicity

Brown coating - autointoxication from within the body

White coating - intestinal putrefaction, over-acidity of the body 

White patches - candida, allergies, vitamin deficiencies, liver issues

Raised papillae - inflammation / infections, B vitamin deficiency

Shaking tongue - magnesium deficiency

Pale - anaemia

Cracks or furrows - dehydration, intestinal / digestive issues, malabsorption of nutrients, blood sugar imbalances

Big purple / blue veins underneath the tongue - poor circulation

Scalloping or tooth indentations - malabsorption of nutrients, overburdened liver

Sides curl up - liver stagnation

Red and beefy - adrenal exhaustion, B vitamin deficiency

Frothy tongue - flatulence in the digestive system

The tongue is also divided up into zones that represent certain areas of the body. So, if there are coatings, markings or colouration over a particular area of the tongue it could possibly be due to what is going on in the organs within that area of the body. 

Sides of the tongue - liver / gallbladder

Front of the tongue - heart and lungs

Middle of the tongue - stomach and spleen

Back of the tongue - intestines, kidneys and bladder

So why not have a look at your tongue and see what it may be telling you. And as you improve your health on the inside you may notice improvements in the state of your tongue also.

Tongue scraping every morning is also highly recommended to remove toxic build-up and prevent the harbouring of detrimental bacteria on the tongue.

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