Endometriosis: Addressing the Underlying Causes Naturally

Endometriosis: Addressing the Underlying Causes Naturally

Endometriosis is perhaps more common than realised because a lot of women just associate their severe pain and discomfort with being 'part and parcel' of the female menstrual cycle.

Endometriosis is the unwarranted growth of endometrial cells. This can occur not only in the endometrium of the uterus, but it can also spread into other areas. 

Because the cycles of the female reproductive system are governed by hormones, any imbalance of hormonal production can affect the healthy, normal functioning of the reproductive system. However, in order to address issues associated with hormonal imbalance it is necessary to look at the possible deeper root causes that may be contributing to the imbalance. 

Endometriosis is considered to occur in an oestrogen-dominated system. So, there are four very important factors to address when trying to naturally prevent or mitigate endometriosis.

1. Improve liver function - when functioning properly, the liver helps in clearing excess oestrogen from the body

2. Eliminate exposure to xenoestrogens - synthetic xenoestrogens are substances that mimic oestogen in the body. They can be found in a wide range of manufactured products, particularly in the form of BPA, PCBs, and phthalates.

3. Eliminate exposure to toxins - this is important so that the liver is not over-burdened, which may compromise its ability to perform its role in hormone balance.

4. Improve adrenal function for better hormonal balance - the adrenal glands are prominently involved in hormonal production. Poor adrenal function can affect sex hormone levels.

Steps that can be taken to naturally help endometriosis are:

  • Care for your liver and assist its optimal functioning.
  • Try to avoid ingesting chemicals into the body either via the digestive system (foods or anything put into the mouth), the skin (personal-care products used on the body), or the lungs (cigarettes, sprays that contain chemicals).
  • Avoid stress so that the adrenal glands are not over-taxed. Relaxation assists balanced hormone production.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious, organic, whole-food diet to ensure the body, including the adrenals and liver, is getting all of its nutrient requirements, plus plenty of fibre to assist toxin removal, and no chemical food additives or chemical sprays and residues.
  • Reduce inflammation in the body with the use of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods, herbs and spices; more plant-based whole foods; and healthy, cold-pressed vegetable, fruit, nut and seed oils e.g olive, flax seed, avocado, evening primrose, coconuthemp seed.
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals that are important for healthy functioning of the liver, the adrenals and the reproductive system such as natural food-state B vitaminsvitamin Cmagnesiumzinc and selenium.
  • Avoid substances and things that can deplete these important vitamins and minerals such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sugar, drugs and stress.
  • If there is heavy bleeding during menstruation ensure that plenty of iron-rich foods are included in the diet to prevent iron deficiency, or good natural, organic iron supplementation may be necessary if iron tests show that your iron levels are low. 
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