Caring for Your Oral Health Naturally

Caring for Your Oral Health Naturally

Your mouth, tongue, teeth and gums not only reflect your state of health, but they also affect your over-all health as well.

Tooth decay and gum disease are highly prevalent in people of all ages. Many people are led to believe that tooth decay is caused by too much sugar and poor dental care. Well as much as this may be true, there is more to maintaining healthy teeth and gums than just avoiding excessive sugar and cleaning your teeth twice a day.

To maintain good oral health Power of Nature recommends:

Eating a nutritious diet of natural, organic, whole foods - this provides the teeth and gums with the vitamins and minerals needed for prevention and repair of cavities and nourishment of the gums. If you are depleted of minerals Concentrated Mineral Drops are recommended to replenish mineral stores in the body. Also Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder helps provide the teeth with the minerals necessary for repair of cavities and prevention of future tooth decay. The tissue salts Calc.phos  and Calc.fluor  are beneficial for building strong and healthy teeth. It is also beneficial to reduce things in your diet and lifestyle that can deplete minerals and vitamins such as: sugar, coffee, alcohol, stress, nicotine, and some medications and drugs. 

Getting rid of gum disease - having healthy gums is hugely important in order to have healthy teeth. A lot of people use mouth washes that are sold in the supermarkets in the belief that they are cleansing their mouths and helping to prevent bad breath and gum disease. Contrary to common belief though, these mouth washes are not the answer to a healthy mouth. The ingredients in many standard mouthwashes and toothpastes available in supermarkets are not great for your health. Most mouthwashes contain alcohol which dries out the mouth (saliva is an important contributor to a healthy oral environment), and anti-bacterial agents which disrupt the natural healthy microbes in the mouth and in your gut if any is swallowed. Remember you don't want to kill off all the bacteria in your mouth (just as you don't in your body with antibiotics), as this leaves your oral cavity wide open to bad bacteria being able to get a strong hold. You just want to help maintain balance of your oral microbiome. So, to get on top of gum disease it is vitally important to restore a healthy oral environment. OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend is a highly effective, totally natural product to ameliorate gum disease and create a healthy oral environment. Use for brushing, flossing and gargling.

Not using standard commercial teeth whitening products - it is no secret that teeth whitening products can create tooth sensitivity. Used regularly they deplete the healthy enamel of the teeth. Most teeth whitening products use a bleaching process using ingredients you definitely would not want to ingest. Remember, whatever you put into your mouth is very quickly absorbed into the body. OraWellness Shine is a good natural way to help whiten teeth whilst also strengthening them and assisting cavity prevention.

Using a good natural toothpaste - some of the ingredients in standard toothpastes available in the supermarkets are not conducive to good health, therefore also not conducive to attaining a healthy oral environment either. Power of Nature recommends using 100% natural certified organic Miessence Toothpaste for both oral health and total body health.

Tongue scraping - this helps in maintaining a healthy oral environment by removing toxic waste that can accumulate on the tongue. Scrape the tongue every morning after waking. A tongue scraper or a bread-and-butter knife can be used to do this.

Avoiding getting teeth pulled out whenever possible - once adult teeth are gone, they are gone for life. It is far better to try and heal the teeth and gums rather than just pull teeth out. Not only is it harder to eat certain nutritious foods without good strong teeth, but also the chewing of foods with the teeth stimulates energy pathways (or meridians) in the body. Each tooth correlates with particular parts of the body and therefore removing a tooth altogether removes the stimulatory effect completely which has the potential to contribute to health issues in the body. To gain a deeper understanding of how your oral health may be affecting the health of the rest of your body, check out which body parts each tooth connects with on this Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart.

Your teeth are an immensely valuable asset, and there is no reason why, if looked after properly, that they can't last your entire lifetime. 

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